Thank you for renewing your dues online. You will need to have your Ohio Gun Collectors Association

You will need your Membership # and your Visa, Mastercard or Discover handy before you proceed.

Your membership number is on your badge or wallet card. You it can also be located above your name and address of your latest newsletter. 

All yearly memberships run on a calendar year basis and expire December 31st of the year through which you are paid. Your badge will display your member number and a year date after it. That is the year which you are paid through December 31st. 

IMPORTANT! IF YOU ARE PAYING DUES FOR MORE THAN ONE FAMILY MEMBER : You will need to create a separate account profile for each member of your family with each having their own unique email account. Please do not attempt to change the information in a profile account that was already created for another member as this could result in incorrect information and application of dues applied to the wrong member account.  Feel free to contact the Business Office to do the multiple member payments over the phone for these type of situations. 330-467-5733. Mon-Fri 8:30-5. 

    CLICK HERE  to pay your dues if your membership expired DEC. 31, 2023 or if you wish to add additional years to your current membership. 



You will need to call the Business Office to pay your dues and/or to discuss options to reactivate your membership. 330-467-5733 or email [email protected]